What a gem

         Jewellery is a solid mass that consists of the same minerals. Or more types gathered in the wild. Because the composition of the Earth's crust, mostly compound silicon dioxide. The minerals in the Earth's crust, most often a silicate. In addition, the minerals in the carbonate. Because the Earth's atmosphere in the past, mainly carbon dioxide. Water has dissolved carbon dioxide on the atmosphere down to accumulate on the ground and the ocean. Living organisms, nutrients and carbon to create the body. Some plankton species generate silica shell. When he died, a sedimentary deposition. Most of the Earth's crust is composed of rocks and minerals.

Belief in Thailand  

In ancient times, the knowledge and use of the gems of Thailand. Started there was no evidence of any past due, we may know the certainty of the gems of literature, Thailand Thailand in the past has some excerpts from the Ayutthaya period to the Rattanakosin period. The Thailand was known gems and a few species. Gemstones are classified into 9 types, known as the Western or glass Krabi or Ao are nine reasons such texts in verse influences. People make Thailand a little-known gems that popular respect and prosperity.It is a present reward the generous help when the distress is for ever engaged so on.

Birth Stone

Sunday suits with gems like diamond, ruby, garnet red. 

Monday rubies, topaz, amber, pearls tell with gems like diamonds in yellow gold. 

Tuesday exhaustion with gemstones such as diamonds, pink coral pink pearl and rose quartz. 

Wednesday exhaustion with gems like emerald green, garnet, jade green. 

Thursday exhaustion with gemstones like garnet, orange carnelian, lapis lazuli. 

Friday exhaustion with gemstones such as Sapphire Blue Topaz. 

Saturdays with gemstones such as jade, black onyx Onyx exhaustion.

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