Diamond is a form of carbon arranged into eight pages is the hardest mineral on the Mohs scale (Moh's scale) with a hardness of 10.

Many diamonds are the most popular color is pure white. Rare colors are red, blue, green, orange, pink, called "Fancy Diamond" high prices cut into 52 square counts as the most beautiful. Diamond is a symbol of power Rigidity Source of diamonds worldwide. Mostly found in Brazil and South Africa.

In Thailand, the word diamond comes from वज्र (Mutual Building A) in Sanskrit means thunderbolt or gemstone this. In English "diamond" is derived from the ancient Greek αδάμας (adamas), meaning that. No one wins Later novel is adamant, diamaunt, diamant diamond and in the end.

A classification of the diamond to see the pure diamond is in principle can be divided into 4Cs large, namely Clarity(purity), Carat (ct than a carat), Color (color of the diamond) and the last. Cut (form and shape the cut)

Purity (Clarity)

Identification of the purity of a diamond can be classified according to the following principle.

1. Flawless (FL) - Water is the most most beautiful diamond. No marks or blemishes on the diamond surface and texture of the stone. When viewed under 10x magnification (10X).

2. Internally Flawless (IF) - a top-class diamond inclusions inside the diamond at all. When viewed under 10x magnification (10X).

3. Very Very Slightly Included (VVS1 / VVS2) - the level of the diamond with inclusions in diamonds was very little meat. Can not be seen with the naked eye. Must use a 10x magnification and illumination can see, it takes quite a long time to find. Depending on the expertise of the investigator. Classified into Level 1 and 2, respectively, very little blame, if blame can be used VVS1 more obvious uses VVS2.

4. Very Slightly Included (VS1 / VS2) - Diamond is a diamond in the unclean in the flesh can not be seen with the naked eye. Must use a 10x magnification and illumination can see, it takes time to find one. However, it takes less than a VVS Diamond cleanliness, blame and guilt can clearly higher than the VVS and may have different colors in the flesh of unclean be visible.

5. Slightly Included (SI1 / SI2) - the level of stigma that can be immediately visible under 10x magnification camera and some cases can be seen with the naked eye. But the small size may be observed. Or use white paper template and viewed with a light so clear up. In the eyes of those not expert. It will take longer to notice.

6. Imperfect (I1 / I2 / I3) - a flaw that can be observed with the naked eye as well. Which might be very I make a lot of observations

Karat (Carat)

Weight, which is a standard to measure the weight of gemstones, which is relative to the metric. The 0.2 g This measure carat weight Homophone for the word carat (Karat) used to measure the purity of gold, which gold has a purity of 99.99% is equal to 24 carat (Karat).

The origin of the word carat The seeds of the fruit of the seeds of this species karat, which will weigh on all seeds.Which in ancient times used widely. Because no clear standards to measure. Took seeds from Wangaratta. As the unit to measure the weight of gemstones.

Color (Color)

Classification shades its atoms from D to Z, which is represented by the letter D is meant to be white as possible, sometimes people Thailand is called "water" diamond, the higher it is extremely white and colorless. Yellow additivesColorless diamonds (Colorless) are diamond, 100, 99, 98, or diamond D, E, F (see more about color diamonds, diamond rings) are rare and maximum price. The other color Will move on to the bright light may be represented by the letter G yellow champagne. To chase down a dark yellow to replace L with P until you reach the letter Z to be bright yellow. And was separated into shades of diamonds.

Diamond color classification To separate white and yellow only. If this is separated from the diamonds which will form a colorful and quaint out.

Because the yellow color tones only for carbon in the diamond. When heat or chemicals other elements. Be made ​​diamonds are colored differently. The yellow diamonds are deficient in estrogen may have a component with a blue titanium and alloy steel. Or red may be a chromium alloy. The pink diamond is caused by the structure of the diamond itself. The green diamond is the radiation exposure. This process causes a fancy diamond. Colorful different. And expensive than white Because rare However, White diamond crystal More popular than diamonds But today there are many manufacturers to improve quality white diamonds and fancy color diamonds to achieve such as a roasting or radiation. Causing various colors like green, yellow and blue, and so on.


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